Friday, March 03, 2006

Sketchbook Superheroes

Seeing other artist's sketchbook pages is always mightily inspiring, but also humbling and a bit daunting when I see the quality of thhe thoughts and images that emerge from other heads/hands. Nevertheless, in the spirit of my goal of being more of a contributor to the world than just a consumer, here are a couple of recent sniglets from my sketchbook done during a trip to Arizona to visit my friend Mike.


Wracklin said...

Q: Can Hulk's bones increase in size?
A: Most certainly

Q: Why not Hulk's skull bones?
A: It's necessary to maintain Hulk-ness. You wouldn't want him to become a monster.

Q: How does Banner always know to wear stretchy pants at the waist?
A: If you were the Hulk, this would have been lesson one. This is also a courtesy to the artists.

[an exerpt from "Dennis interviews himself" copyright 2006, Fly on the Wall Productions]

Jim Pearson said...

Excellent questions every one! And I must amend a thoughtless error: On a trip to Arizona to visit my friends Mike and Dennis. My apologies, sir.

jono said...

jimo! OK geek boy here - is that supposed to be a furrowed brow mark on Wally's cowl? Cause he aint got no logo up dere! ;-) Well, maybe after Infinite Crisis is over, if he survives that is... Bring Barry Back!