Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marvel Janken

Holy Crap! Two posts in the same month! Will wonders never cease?
This is a piece I did for my pal Mike, for his Hitote project on DeviantArt.
Mike is a phenomenally talented concept artist and all around CoolGuy, constantly enveloped in a cloud of swirling awesomeness. Check out his main DeviantArt page and tell me I'm not right: http://zatransis.deviantart.com/
My contribution is what a game of "Rock/Paper/Scissors" might look like in the Marvel Universe. After doing lots of Googley research on Kanji, I am hoping against hope that I got that part right. Boy would my face be red if I had mistakenly used the symbols for something close but no cigar like "Rocket, Pay-Per-View & Scissor Sisters" or something totally random like "Dandelion, Lipstick & Mickey Mantle" or "Bacon Lettuce & Tomato" or ""Moe Larry & Curly". I worry, you know.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Captain Tomorrow!

Captain Tomorrow was a character I created back in the late 80's for a project called Radio Shorts, along with my good friends Wes and Kyle. It was a half hour comedy/satire pastiche that was broadcast on San Francisco's KUSF for a while. Captain Tomorrow was a satire of a 1940's radio show featuring a time traveling adventurer from the "far flung future year of 1974!" Captain Tomorrow would journey back in time to help his little chums Tommy and Sally Miller battle Axis spies, all thanks to the magic of "Vacuum Tube Technology!"
At any rate, soon you can once again thrill to the adventures of Captain Tomorrow as well as a host of other wonderfully funny and subversive bits from Radio Shorts by virtue of the soon-to-be-completed Radio Shorts site, address soon to follow.
This is a logo illustration I did for Wes to help gussy up the website.