Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Marvel Janken

Holy Crap! Two posts in the same month! Will wonders never cease?
This is a piece I did for my pal Mike, for his Hitote project on DeviantArt.
Mike is a phenomenally talented concept artist and all around CoolGuy, constantly enveloped in a cloud of swirling awesomeness. Check out his main DeviantArt page and tell me I'm not right: http://zatransis.deviantart.com/
My contribution is what a game of "Rock/Paper/Scissors" might look like in the Marvel Universe. After doing lots of Googley research on Kanji, I am hoping against hope that I got that part right. Boy would my face be red if I had mistakenly used the symbols for something close but no cigar like "Rocket, Pay-Per-View & Scissor Sisters" or something totally random like "Dandelion, Lipstick & Mickey Mantle" or "Bacon Lettuce & Tomato" or ""Moe Larry & Curly". I worry, you know.


Sanjay said...

This is my frist comments wish he all the best.

Sanjay said...

This guy is very impressing but I am say his and her this is my first comments .

shawn said...

Hehee! Yer hilarious!!!! I think you got it JUST RIGHT! It's absolutely perfect!!!