Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Barack Obama Mighty Mugg says: "Seven Days Until 'The End of an Error'!"

My wee Obama Mighty Mugg encourages you all to cast your vote next Tuesday! (if you haven't already via absentee ballot or early voting)
The most important thing, regardless of who you support, is that you get out and make your vote count - although - the most intelligent, creative, evolved, articulate, caring and forward-thinking of us cool people are going to be voting for Obama & Biden, just in case for some reason you were still undecided.
If you're interested in building our economy and putting people back to work; if you're interested in exploring (and actually funding) new and innovative energy technologies that once and for all stops the stranglehold the oil industry has on us; if you're interested in providing quality affordable health care for every American; if you're interested in equality - that is, equal rights for same sex couples and pay for women in the workforce; if you're interested in rebuilding (and actually funding) an education system that not only educates but inspires kids; if you're interested in really taking care of the men and women who serve our country (both as soldiers and as veterans); if you're interested in if you're interested in halting the greed-fueled and illegal expansionist doctrine the Neo-Cons have been pursuing for the past eight years; if you're interested in beginning the process of rebuilding the U.S. into the better version of itself that we know it can be - if all that sounds like a better direction to you, Vote Obama/Biden.
The other party, led by Grampy McSame and Caribou Barbie (surely the weakest Republican't ticket since Harding/Coolidge in 1920) has certainly shown itself to be the party of More: eight More years of More fear, More help for the very wealthy and the corporate behemoths, More hypocrisy, More ignorance, More erosion of civil liberties, More religious intolerance . . . basically Bush II, only replacing Dick Vader with a beauty pageant runner-up.
You and I can make all the difference in the world by making a choice next week.
Mighty Mugg Obama sez: "DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!"

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