Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Vizslas Are The New Black!

Here's another Vizsla-inspired design (you can find it applied to all sorts of merchandise over at done in Illustrator, as well as the sketches from my sketchbook from which it comes.

I finally have a website, mainly constructed for the pupose of viewing my working portfolio.
Go here: and marvel at what amazing things one can do with iWeb and loads of free time.

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shawn said...

WOW! I LOVE-L0oOVE-LOVE your website Jimpy! And fun to catch up on your blog! When I read this last post.. the sentence stopped in the middle of the sentence with white space and I thought maybe you were typing in "code" like we did a zillion years ago when we would email "secrets" in the same color as the email background and we would hafta scroll over it to find the secret message. Remember!? That was way back when we were just little lego kids.

----- I'm off to look at your website again!