Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Funny giant robots

As much fun as it is to absentmindedly doodle robots in my sketchbook endeavors, when the robots are of the GIANT variety -stomping around downtown, messing with buildings and cars and hapless little citizens - well, somehow that's even cooler. Some of my favorite giant robot art for my money is that of my friend Eric Joyner. Eric has been painting robots (and donuts) for a couple of years now and just gets more adventurous with each batch. He has a new show at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City - - check out his homage to N.C. Wyeth "Raiders". I think my current favorite is "Desert Rider", but I'm sure that'll change. Here's Eric's own website:


Stacia said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and have a great sense of humor...thanks for the chuckle this morning! I also like Eric's donut and robot funny!

Sanjay said...

I want to say his and this is my frist comments and hs funny giant robots.

Sanjay said...

He is very handsome I have thoroughly enjoyed and bolg and artwork.