Thursday, August 09, 2007

Nostalgic for Nixon

It seems like every day these criminal knuckleheads in the White House perpetrate some new appalling assault on the Constitution and our civil liberties.
Not to mention running up a leviathan of a budget deficit.
Not to mention carelessly presiding over these miserable adventures of futility in Iraq and Afghanistan, seemingly quite unperturbed by the daily deaths of scores of young American men and women as well as uncounted Iraqi civilians.
Not to mention continuing to reward the mostest wealthiest in our country with tax cuts while doing everything in their considerable power to demolish the middle class.
And on and on. It makes me almost nostalgic for the halcyon days of my youth when the crooks in the White House were like charming cultured amateurs compared to the current cabal. It makes me pine for the days of Nixon.
In retrospect, the antics of Nixon and his posse were like a Don Knotts/Tim Conway movie compared to the Bush, Vader-Cheney and their stormtroopers, or Morlocks, or Cylons, or (insert your evil minion symbols of choice here).
And when I get nostalgic, I go to both my Big Book of Presidents and my sketchbook and just start drawing the Nixon. It soothes me somehow, makes me think that maybe possibly there'll be some satisfactory end to what the Bush Mob is doing to our formerly great country. Because we did finally bring the power drunk Nixon and his merry crew of Constitution tramplers down, maybe we can do it again.
Who'd a thunk it: Nixon gives me hope.


Arkonbey said...

I think the only thing W has over Nixon is that W hasn't dressed up the Secret Service in elaborate 'imperial' uniforms.

The sketches are great. The bottom one looks like Richard M. Nixon as Wolverine...

Jim Pearson said...

Nixon as Wolverine - that's hilarious - I wish I'd done that drawing!

shawn said...

You're nostalgic for Nixon? I'm nostaligic for Jim! C'mon! Post another blog, will ya!?!? Errrr.. or else! I'll give you a knuckle sandwich....


wink, wink, nudge, nudge