Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Frankenstein For Halloween

You know, as scary as Frankenstein is, he's got nothing on the scariness of an uncertain future. Last week I and about 50 co-workers were laid off from Slipgate Ironworks, where I'd been for two years, as the project was cancelled. It's the second time I've worked n a project for two years only to have it killed. I'm beginning to wonder if it's something I'm doing? Well, not this time anyway - this time it was because of "Insurmountable technical problems" early and ongoing decisions made by people who are still at the company. Ha ha - the current state of American Business - what are ya gonna do? Ha ha!
I am, in all honesty, much relieved, in spite of the scary uncertainty. The project had settled into a routine of instability and constant upheaval, and morale was beleaguered if not gravely wounded. Pulling the plug on the game, it turns out, was actually a blessing. May it rest in pieces. Once I landed from the rug having been pulled out from under me, I realized I could do any number of things, go any number of places - it was very freeing.
So anyway, Halloween is a mere ten days away, so I'm getting into the mood with the help of Frankenstein's Monster! (also, the DrawerGeeks subject this week is Frankenstein -
Boris Karloff's monster is eternally fun to draw and paint - even more fun than Abe Lincoln - so I try to never miss an opportunity. Enjoy! And Happy Halloween!

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