Saturday, December 05, 2015

Messing around with Mr. Joker and ZBrush

Drafting off of yesterday's bevy of Batsketches, today is devoted to Batman's favorite arch-nemesis, the Joker.
Inspired (and tutored) by the estimable Mr. Dave Kertesz - - (who I am incredibly fortunate to be able to work with every day) I took advantage of a Price Reduction! earlier this year and picked up a copy of ZBrush to try my hand and cursor at some 3D sculpting. (Massive disclaimer: I would not even begin to compare my paltry efforts in this medium to the incredible work that Dave does, by the way - please take a trip over to his site if you'd like to see real Brush mastery. Not just with sculpting but with texturing and lighting - the entire package) After some initial poking about - more on that in later posts - I dug out a Joker sketch I had done and started loosely following it as a guide for sculpting.
I should mention at this point there were more than a few other Joker inspirations rattling around my head as well - namely the Joker I Grew Up With, that is, the original creepy stylized clown-face version of Bob Kane/Dick Sprang -
- and the lovely action figure version that came out a couple of years ago from the Brave And The Bold TV series -
- and then of course there's Greg Capullo's mega-scary version of late...

Anyhow, that all fueled the ZBrush experimentation that you see below:
This was the first version I tried - which took me much longer to do than I care to document - and which, due to either A. some hiccup in my file backup setup or B. user error (I'm gonna go out on a limb and choose B.) I subsequently lost. The image above is a screen grab.
Irked but undaunted, (Oh the cursing. You would have thought the fleet was in town.) I started again, and this was the result when I called it a day. Or three - I forget.
For an early foray into a new tool I was marginally satisfied and much self back-patting ensued, but then almost instantly I realized how much more time and practice and coaching and tutorials I will need to invest in to get the better results I'm aiming for. So I continue to work at it and will post more ZBrush forays in subsequent posts.

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