Thursday, January 04, 2007

Worst. Bond. Ever.

After having dipped in and out of SpikeTV's latest "007 Days of Xmas" Bond-fest, and especially after being blown away (out of my seat thank you Jesus blown away) by Daniel Craig and Casino Royale, it's really finally official: Roger Moore was the worst. There's just too much evidence, from listening to him pronounce villain's names like "Scaramanger" and "Katanger", to gaping at him as James Bond wearing a goddam clown costume to seeing his puny head crushed in the gigantic hand of "Jaws" - okay that was actually pretty funny - to his parade of D list leading ladies (Britt Ecklund? Lois Chiles? Tanya Roberts?) oh there's so much more. Even his Bond-trademark through the gun barrel attempt was stiff and unconvincing! I think the most damning piece of evidence was simply the slightly terrified expression that always came over his face whenever he was called upon to perform any action sequence. And that hair . . .

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glimbit said...

I'm probably speaking from a sense of over-indulged nostalgia, but I like Roger Moore as Bond in the same way William Shatner gets my like for best Starship Captain. Moonraker, Octopussy and For Your Eyes Only are easily the most entertaining Bond movies for me.

And, as a fan, I'm happy to say you nailed his likeness!