Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Humphrey & Betty

The return of Blog of Jim!
I have to credit and thank my friend and colleague, the supremely talented and prolific Karla Ortiz http://www.karlaortizart.com - for reminding me of how powerful and elegant a tool the lowly pencil is.
About a year and a half ago a couple of pals and I were at Monsterpalooza, and I ran into Dawn Carlos http://dawncarlosart.com - at a booth she was working for the other worldly Allen Williams -http://www.allenwilliamsstudio.com - Dawn was nice enough to invite me to a gallery show that very evening featuring pencil work of Allen's, Karla's and a handful of other amazing artists, including the phenomenal Sooey Milk - http://milkbomb.blogspot.com. In addition to catching up with Karla, I got all mesmerized by the beautiful, ethereal works of nothing but pencil on the walls. I've always defaulted to pencil drawings as my medium of expression of choice, but this show gently whacked me in the back of my head and re-starting my respect for the wonders of graphite.
So, in realizing that I've been keeping sketchbooks for so long that I have this backlog of (mostly) Moleskines filled with drawings and sketches and weird little ideas, there was no reason not to start posting them - I think I figured that if I posted just one drawing a day I could annoy people for at least until the end of Trump's first term in office - so in a way that decision pretty much made itself.
The drawings I got tons of - mostly pencil, but some pen and ink, and maybe even some paintings - those are the easy part - its the accompanying writing that I'll have to work on. I'll need to overcome the dreaded Lazy Brain Syndrome in order to make this blog something you'll want to visit more than once or twice. So please do visit once or twice and if you see anything you like feel free to re-post it and send others here.

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