Monday, November 30, 2015

Keef and the Blackwing

Back when I was still at Kabam, my friend, the incredibly talented and generous Erik Chichester, gave me a Blackwing pencil -, saying it was his favorite pencil to draw with and that I should for crying out loud stop dicking around with Carmine red and Indigo blue Prismacolors and use a real graphite pencil! (He was much nicer about it of course) I had been in a bit of a drawing tools rut with those two particular drawing sticks. (I had used a Blackwing years before, when I was a callow art student and could barely draw a human hand, and years before I could draw a paycheck). So I thanked him sincerely and took the pencil and placed it in a place of honor - an old coffee cup I keep my "fully intend to use all of these sometime real soon"drawing tools in. And there it sat, pristine and unsullied by sharpening.
And it kept sitting in there, its pure white replaceable eraser and its matte black sheath taunting me and calling me all sorts of unflattering names until finally I picked it up and sharpened it, just to silence the pesky pencil. Okay, it was pretty heavenly drawing experience. Velvety line texture and a delicate but broad tonal range. I liked it and began to use it constantly. Then I went to Comic-Con and bought a whole box of the damn things - something wonderfully inspiring and hopeful about a whole BOX of pristine pencils!
So most of the sketchbook stuff I've been perpetrating recently has been with the Blackwing - I highly recommend it as a tool. 
Here's a relatively recent effort: Mr. Keith Richards, musician and pirate dad. 

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